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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exercise safely throughout my pregnancy?

You most definitely can! With an accredited PT you can conduct effective and safe exercises which will not only condition your body in readiness for labour but also to assist your recovery period. Throughout the different stages of your pregnancy an accredited PT will adjust and modify your exercises accordingly.

How soon can I return to exercise after having my baby?

If it was a vaginal delivery you can return to exercise after you have had your 6 week check up with y-our GP and have been cleared to exercise. Longer for Caesarean births: 8-12 weeks. 

I don't know what condition my Pelvic Floor/ Abdominal muscles are in. Can I still train?
Of course! We believe all mothers no matter their contraindications or possible contraindications to exercise as a result of their pregnancy or birth should be able to exercise safely and effectively and we’re here to ensure and facilitate that. We will assess your abdominal wall to check for Diastasis Recti and manage this if needed and we also ensure all of our exercises are Pelvic Floor friendly! We strongly encourage all mothers to get checked by a Women’s Health Physio even if they ‘feel fine’ as this will provide absolute clarity on what condition your Pelvic Floor is in so that we know exactly how to proceed with your training and program.