Pre & Post Natal

Strength – Fitness – Pilates in Manly

Hey mumma! I see you.

I see how tired you are. I feel your aches & pains. I know you desperately want to sleep.
And feel like yourself again.

With our holistic approach to movement, we can help you:


Feel stronger & more energised

Support pelvic floor health

Improve lower back pain

Regain your strength & flexibility

Stretch your aching back & shoulders

Find connection & support with other like minded mums

Pregnancy & Post Natal Pilates

Gentle Strength – Pelvic Floor & Core Recovery


Pilates supports expectant mothers & post natal women by strengthening the body, improving posture, supporting pelvic floor recovery and deepening the emotional bond with yourself and your little one. 

Our Pilates instructor Lauren brings her own flare to classes, offering a wonderful balance of softer movements as well as more challenging variations.



Strengthen – Rebuild Your Fitness – Feel Empowered!

The best way to start your journey back to fitness after having a baby (or while preparing to have one!)

Classes include pelvic floor & core moves along with whole-body stregnth & fitness  exercises to safely strengthen your body from the inside out.

We address the specific needs of postpartum bodies and offer a balance between gentle movements & more energizing exercises.

Most women that attend these classes have had a baby within the last 12 months.

We finish each class with a short one-minute meditation, to bring some calm to your busy day!

All classes are child friendly, (the bubbas love being outside under our big shady tree!) and as mums ourselves we are happy to give the babys cuddles so you can get a moment alone.


We meet at Drevesen Park, at the Manly Waterfront.